Introduction to PCS Printers

A HOWTO document for setting up your windows, macos or linux clients to print to PCS supported printers.


This is a description of the printers offered by the Physics Computing Services to the members of the Physics Department.

Available Printers:

Please note that you will not be able to print directly to the printers. You will have to set your machine to print through the departmental print server:

Viewing your print job To see the print server cue you can visit:


This is the charging schedule for printing to the pcs printers as of Nov. 14, 2012:

  • ps1, ps2 and ps4 B&W printers (MP1003 and MP 058):
    $0.08 / printed copy. There is no difference if you print simplex or duplex
  • ps3 color printer in the Physics Library:
    $0.16 / printed copy. No difference is being made if you print b&w or color for now, so every copy is counted as a color copy.

Printer setup for different OSes

MS Windows

Set up printing on  MS Windows 7 and 10 machines


Set up printing on Macos X machines


Set up printing on Linux machines